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We are digital marketing & content specialists.

If you're looking for marketing services or just some gals for your networking tribe, we can be your gals.

We are Gal Friday Marketing Inc. 

We are a full service marketing firm specializing in Digital Marketing. We can do it all but our wheelhouse is content creation. We create compelling content for your website (that we can build or renovate) and for your social media platforms (which we also create) based on you your professional personality. Yes, we also do email marketing, internet marketing, media library production and the list goes on. ...

Of course, you're thinking, other than their incredible good looks and exceptional abilities, how are they so different than all of the other agencies.

Our super power is discovering the true roots and personality of your company and it's mission then helping spread your awesomeness for the whole world to see. Our niche is uncovering why you're rooted in what you are and helping personify that through all streams of your company. Wanna be all business online and on social media? We can roll with that.. Wanna show people how badass you are and why you're the best? You've most definitely come to the right place. 

Either way, Scroll on my friends. We look forward to chatting with you (and/or grabbing tacos).


"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
The brave woman is not she who does not feel afraid, but she who conquers that fear. "

-Nelson Mandella


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