You made it! You wanna know more about us Gals? You wanna hear more about our PERSONALITY, PASSION & PURPOSE?

Ok.. You asked for it!



Personality is a BIG part of Gal Friday. Yours is important, and so is ours. IT’S BIG! Ours, I mean. We laugh loud, groan about needing more coffee and we cuss.. (that’s swear words to you young folk.) We also show our love. We get enthusiastic about EVERYTHING! We say the words “OH MY GOD” and “Long story, short” (and it’s NEVER short). We talk in thought bubbles, not in a linear fashion AND we hug. We hug a lot.



Passion is also a BIG part of the way we work. We LOVE our jobs. Simple as that. It means that if we get carried away you may receive emails at all hours of the night about an AMAZING idea we just had. Also - and this is not a cliche plug - Going above and beyond is in our DNA. Honest. Sometimes to the point of our detriment but you and your business become OUR business and we care so much that we give and give. It’s just in our nature.



Purpose. OK Purpose is the biggest part of GF. (I know you’ve read that before lol). But this is a biggie. We realized the true reason (aka Purpose) why marketing is it for us. It’s because we LOVE to help. Help build you up as a person, as an entrepreneur. We love to help you solve problems and we love to make your life easier. The goal of GF is to work with Non Profit Organizations, Charities and well.. good people who DO GOOD.


Want More? Here’s Our Values



Really hard. Your success is our success.  We run instead of walk to get your projects done right, on time and on budget of course. We bend over backwards to give you what you need to succeed. You may get emails at all hours of the night. We apologize in advance. 


02. WE <3 PEOPLE

Relationships are everything. We value time getting to know you and not just cause you're the We want to find out what makes you tick, what makes your heart skip a beat, and what makes you extra special. We love using those goodies to your business' advantage.  



03. WE <3 GIVing

We've got a heart on -- for charities and not for profits that are near and dear to our .. well .. hearts. Anything community that we can get our hands on, we are all over it (like us on a bag of potato chips.) If you work for a company that does good in your hood, we want to work with you. 



We have a tribe. a gang, a posse, a formation. Our network of badasses is indisputable. If we can't do what you need done, we know a gal who can. If you need a rare taco experience in your life or to meet one of our friendtrepreneurs for a trep-shesh we'll hook you up.

 Wait… Who Dis?

Gal Friday

Gal Friday


Founder | Creative Director | Ray of Sunshine

Chantal Crockatt, Founder of Gal Friday is best known for her intense laugh, humour, and strategic creative wizardry. Her weak spot: tacos & social good collabs, especially with other local big hearted businesses. 

Chantal is a natural marketer. She's a Jane of all trades. She designs. She writes. She sees the magic in you and can teach you how to use it to your professional advantage. Chantal also happens to be a superhero multitasker. Her past experience with being a preschool teacher with an exciting (yet very opposite) juxtaposition as a purchaser, estimator and contract specialist in the homebuilding industry, gives her the benefit of a right-brained and left-brained approach. She can see your business from all angles. 

She will be your new best friend and your best ally for marketing your business.  

Gal Numero Uno

Gal Numero Uno

Ashley Yow

Account Manager | Hustler | Long Jumper

Say hello to Ashley. A sporty and bubbly girl all the way from the little red dot, Singapore (literally a single pen dot on the world map!), she has an eye for creativity, attention to detail, loves talking and no surprise here - meeting new people!

A pro in multitasking, Ashley is currently finishing up her bachelor’s degree, working with local and international clients on their social media accounts, while actively aiming for the Olympics one day!

Ashley moved to Calgary for Loooooove <3. She’s absolutely a Gal Friday through and through and we are so luck to have her on board!

Wanna know more about Ashley? Check out here adorable Social HERE.

Gal Numero Dos

Gal Numero Dos

Dani Finch

Account Manager | Writer | Culture-ologist

Dani lives by the five C's: caffeine, curiosity, creativity, community and conversation. Throw in some live music, some good books and a glass or two of wine and you've basically summed her up. 

She has a deep love of the arts and culture (so much so that once upon a time she opened her own commercial art gallery), a knack for words and a passion for building stronger communities and making the world just a little bit better. 

A serial optimist, creative and a new Calgarian (yes she cheers for the Jets... don't hate her), when she's not pounding the pavement as Client Success Manager for local tech start-up Goodpin or being the newest Gal Friday,  she's probably wandering the bookstore drinking coffee or heading to the mountains, music in her ears. Want more Dani? Go HERE.

Gal Numero Tres

Gal Numero Tres

Sarah Fagnan

Social Media | Writer | Foodie

Meet Sarah, a southern girl with a love for fitness and food. Sarah has a background in advertising, marketing, and sales. With experience in corporations, non profits and as a business owner herself,

Sarah can get any task done with excellence and an adorable southern accent. Did we mention she was also a cheerleader? Yep! TCU cheerleader, co-captain and always the overachiever - she also coached for 7 years!

Along with being a Gal Friday, Sarah is also head of social media management for Michael Lee Stallard (author, & professional speaker)

Wanna read more about Sarah? Check out her fitness blog HERE.

Gal Numero Quatro

Gal Numero Quatro


Copy | Social Enterprise | Steady Hand

Meet Julia. She’s the quiet one. Jules is our resident calmness specialist. She’s the Yin to our Yang.

As a long time professional in the energy industry, Julia’s specialty is Corporate Social Responsibility.

She’s the gal you call when you need someone ballsy but chill in your corner. Not the one screaming go go go but the one calculating just how hard your next punch needs to be as she whispers into your ear that “yes, you can do this”.

A mom of two crazy boys AND she’s got an MBA… that she took while pregnant and chasing a toddler around. NBD!

Wanna know more about Jules? click HERE

Bro Numero Uno

Bro Numero Uno

Robin eldred

Ad Guru | Data Nerd | Herder of Cats

Say ahoy-hoy to Robin. If you need to get your message out, he's your new best friend. Robin is highly skilled at turning cash into clicks and  conversions. (We like that here).

Like no one ever, Robin loves to live in spreadsheets. All his decisions are driven by data, which makes him pretty much the most popular person at a mixer.

He's a super outgoing closeted introvert with two perfect children, a perfect wife, a perfect house, and a perfectly distorted sense of humour.

Robin has a cautiously pessimistic outlook on life, a teeny fear of flying, and one hell of a squash backhand.

He'd be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Wanna know more about Robin? Find him HERE. Or, if you're feeling a bit more risqué, Click HERE.

Gal Numero Cinco

Gal Numero Cinco

Stephanie Pepneck

Photography | Videography | Cheerleader

Steph’s photos are dreamy. She has a knack for making you LOOK GOOOOD. She’s also a hoot.

When she’s not behind the camera you can find Steph chowing down on mozzarella sticks, hanging out with her cat Gus and watching Friends (for the 15th time).

She loves food like the rest of us: “If the option to get sushi is on the table I am always game.” And if we're being honest, Steph would rather be living in a lei than a parka - Hawaii there she goes! NO QUESTION. Too bad all the people she loves lives here in “Berta. Travelling is as much a part of Steph as breathing - She has (so far) visited 16 countries and she ain’t done y’all.

Wanna know more about Steph? Check out her Photography site HERE.

Gal Numero Seis

Gal Numero Seis

Michaela Tomic

Social Media | Content Manager | Ninja

Meet Mick - That’s what we call her anyway but this babe also goes by Michaela. She’s stylish as hell and will organize your desk if you let her.

She’s a full time student at the SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in their school of business and the Co-Vice president of the Marketing club on campus.

Mick has been focussing on graphic design, branding and client relations in school. She rocks our graphics and visuals that convey the perfect vibe and feeling our clients want for their social media brand.

Also - Don’t mess with Mick. She has her blackbelt in Taekwondo and years of experience teaching others to kick ass too.

Mick is always willing to go above and beyond. A total Gem of a Gal. Want more? Go HERE.

Gal Numero Siete

Gal Numero Siete

Kim Folkins

Photography | Videography | Cheerleader

Kim is the bravest babe you ever met. She’s also the most positive person you’ve ever met. Oh, and she talks ridiculously fast. Kim tells long stories, short and she’s not sorry.

Kim loves all things self improvement - personal & professional development. She loves The Ace Class and women’s empowerment and collaboration.

Kim is the visual specialist with Gal Friday. She’s the gal you need to make you look spectacular in photos or in videos. She’s our media library manager meaning that her skills span headshots, object photography, beautiful space shots and of course lifestyle photography.

Kim is everyone’s best friend. And she is Gal Friday’s best friend too.

Stalk Kim HERE.