Plagiarize Nike.

A piece of advice on what you would say to yourself if you could go back in time and chat with you?


I'd guide myself to take the leap of faith with becoming an entrepreneur sooner. Instead of getting caught up in 'what-ifs', just jump in and trust that you will manifest greatness with your own two hands via hard work, perseverance and faith in the process. 

Uplifting words on self-love and self-care and how to truly love thyself? 

At the risk of plagiarizing Nike, Just Do It! Whatever the 'it' is... take the time to nurture strong female friendships; do the extra 20 push-ups at the gym; do have greens for breakfast and eat the extra protein; do get the early flight so you can chill at the airport unencumbered; do take a course to broaden your toolkit of expertise; do bid on work you may not fully qualify for - Just Do It! and see what can possible be! I promise you'll be better for trying. 


How to make a bomb-diggity margarita on those Mondays you just need to take the edge off? 

Sub-in 1.5 oz of Eau Claire Gin with Elderflower Tonic water. All will be restored. 


Principal, Adventur:ess Communications; and Director - Alberta, Beattie Tartan

With 15 years of professional experience in marketing, travel and lifestyle media, content creation, corporate communications and the tourism industry, I wake up driven daily by a passion for storytelling, and a curiousity to explore innovation in the world of digital, media and content marketing. 8 years of post-secondary education focused on tourism marketing and destination development, communications and leadership. My career has spanned communications and marketing roles in ecotourism, boutique resorts, a collection of 4-star condo-resorts in Western Canada, 6 years on the Media & Content team with Alberta's Provincial Marketing Organization, Travel Alberta, a recent focus on outdoor lifestyle brands, and now as Director for Beattie Tartan, helping to grow the integrated communications agency across Canada. The consistent theme has been marketing and communications for destinations and brands that I am proud to share with the world. 

I am a conduit of chatter, a connector of people, a creative visionary, a seeker of knowledge and I bring an immense energy and passion to all that I do. I am quick to laugh, and at my best when collaborating with an equally passionate team. My deep-seated love of nature, travel, photography and family keep me grounded and inspire my creativity.

Chantal Crockatt