Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to our mosaic. Yes' it's a blog, but not your ordinary blog. This is a blog made up of advice and stories and love letters from all the people in the Gal Friday tribe. These people have shaped the way we work and how we live our lives. There is GOLD in those blogs.  I hope you'll enjoy reading all the goodness and that it impacts you the way each blog and each person behind their words affected us. 


Before I share stories of failure and words of advice from others, it seems pertinent to share my own story with you. 

I am a teacher. That was my 1st career. I had a gazillion jobs before that. Your cheerful neighbourhood barista, the spunky Rocket t-shirt-making-girl, a server at countless restaurants, professional sweater-folder, you name it.

Most of those in the sunny Okanagan Valley before moving to Calgary on a bet... and then staying to prove to my family I could make it on my own. I took a year or two to bum around YYC figuring out what roommates to avoid mostly and of course, finding out who I really am. 

I went to school, loved it and came out a preschool teacher. I loved that too, for years. I created the coolest fucking things. I made over an entire classroom in black garbage bags and black construction paper to set the Halloween mood I wanted to achieve. I had a blast with old refrigerator boxes rethinking them into the likes of (kids size) trains,  barns and playhouses. It was so fun creating a new world for the kids in my classes. I digress. 

It ended up being creative overload and needless to say emotionally taxing. I left and went back to school only to land in Home Building. Random. I know. But as I mentioned, I had creative overload so a little technical flavour was just what I needed. 

Turns out I'm both right brained and left brained. I need both. Enter Marketing. Literally, the only career out there that perfectly combines both. 

I am, and always have been, a natural marketer. I eat somewhere I love, try a new mascara that rocks or try a new pub and the world knows it. My husband always called me a product evangelist. That rings true to this day.

I'll add here that marketing had been staring me in the face for years. I am married to a brilliant marketing professional. He comes from an overachieving family and he is no slump with it comes to them. Because I felt like I'd failed at my 1st career and was now in a career that I wasn't passionate about, I always felt out of place when attending events with him. 

I also gave tons of advice, helped out with his side projects and managed the shit out of our family, but I still felt like a bum next to this handsome and accomplished man. 

One day when I was pregnant and chasing (slowly) after a toddler I decided - FUCK THIS, I'M AWESOME. I decided that he could be awesome next to me and that I could stop being the woman behind her man. I was going to stand beside him and I was going to kill it. 

I had always known that I wanted to work for myself. Now was the time. I started to build the framework for Gal Friday. 

In case you didn't already know - Gal Friday is a term coined in the 40's for the multitasking ninjas that were the "gal" behind every "important" professional man. All the while managing their own families, personal style and those gorgeous red lips. 

That's me damn it. I'm a Gal Friday. I'm your Gal Friday. 

Let's meet for tacos and chat. 

Chantal Crockatt
Founder, Creative Director, Relationship maker, Taco lover.


Chantal Crockatt