What's Normal Anyway?

Am I normal?

National championships, world championships.... just another day at the office? Performing at such a high level over the last 7 years has started to become my new normal. But is it? Have I just gotten used to winning gold, training for hours everyday, meal prepping every night, chugging massive amounts of water and feeling like my muscles are bleeding just part of my regular life?
Is this how it feels to be an athlete? Do we all feel this way?

I love competing. I love how it feels to dominate an opponent. I love how strong I feel after a 3-month fight training camp. I love how all the hard work paid off and I stayed the course. I never gave up or settled.

But then what?

What happens after the big wins? The Championships? And how long can I continue this constant strive to stay at the top of my game and sport?
What does a normal life feel like? Is there even normal day to day when I'm not trying to crush my goals?

Balance seems to be what I think future normal looks like. But I wonder...
do high-level competitors and athletes really slow down or do they just shift to other ways of dominating, challenging themselves, taking risks and winning?
I feel like it's all a sense of purpose and mindset. What is normal is always pushing. Our sense of purpose and fulfillment comes from feeling like superheroes. Doing things most people don't/can't/ or feel is too difficult to handle. Anything less feels like the worst letdown and sometimes utter failure.

Is that healthy?

I think it can be healthy with the proper mindset. The mindset that our best is good enough. The mindset that decides to take a look at our life priorities and make sure they are in the right places. To reflect on our superhero moments with pride. Focusing on what makes us feel less stressed, purely happy and living our most inspirational life.

That is easier said than done in most of my cases. It only happened when I crashed, hit bottom, was pushed far beyond my breaking point, and completely exhausted. Until then I was going faster than I should be managing, trying to capture the moments that I felt brought me huge success.

Maeghan Cotterill

Owner, 5 Elements Martial Arts Studio

Top 40 Under 40 2016
12 time National Champion
8 time World Champion
Keynote Speaker
Personal Development Life Coach

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