Happiness Recipe


 << These right here are the single most important parts of my life.

I have done a LOT of work on myself in the last 6 months. I’ve done a deep dive into the psyche of a woman in emotional distress and anxiety overload. Someone with seemingly no path that looked exciting to choose.

So I did all the things a gal could to get back on track and guess what?! It friggin worked.

I’ve realized (although it’s been in my face for months - probably longer tbh) that there is a happiness recipe.

I do believe it’s different degrees of these things for everyone but that the components are the same for everyone.


1. Lots of love in personal life.

For me that means family. Really getting to know my kids and talking to my husband for fun (not just about work or home stuff but for fun) and cuddles. Lots of affection and cuddles.

For you it could be friends or pets or a family too.

2. Regular exercise.

For me it’s hitting stuff a couple times a week in a group setting.

I love to box and to kickbox. I love to hit things. It’s also my therapy. I’ve found a safe place where I can sweat like a donkey and fail and fail and fail until I succeed and there  is a family there cheering me on the whole time. Thanks 5 Elements Martial Arts.

For you it could be walking the dog or hiking on the weekend or spin class. There is a thing for everyone. Each time I make myself go when I don’t wanna (because I know I will feel better that I went ) - I am proud of myself for doing the hard thing instead of the easy thing.

3. Hustle. Although I kinda hate the overuse of this word it’s the best word for what I mean. I like to try hard at things. Even if I fail. I like to work hard and ask for the sale and to have the hard conversations and to be efficient. I like to lead people and share my vision and inspire others. I love my job. I love what I do for a living. For me hustling is being Gal Friday.

For you, maybe it isn’t work. Maybe it’s a hobby or a side gig or side hustle you’ve got going. I feel strongly that if you are doing something day in and day out that sucks you so dry that there is no joy left in you - start something on the side that gives you joy. 

It could be learning to sew or doing charity work or taking a singing lesson. Find a thing that makes you light up and do it as much as you can.

All this coming from some who has worked so hard through hard times and did all the things and finally, finally is seeing results. Real results. 



1. Make your own recipe

2. Share it with others.  



Chantal Crockatt