love your damn self

An honest sneak peak into the lovely life of Lucy Dunne, founder of Dunnebells.

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one.” — Tom Hiddleston

Most people are unwilling to face the truths of life. They are unable to confront their fears, so they end up as great dreamers but weak doers. They feel hopeless, limited and uninspired with few punches of life.

Never did Lucy believe she would fall into this category. Most people who comment on Lucy’s life say things like “You are so brave”, “You are always so happy” and “You have got it all figured out”. Little do they know, Lucy left home (Australia) as a terrified teenager heading to New York City in search of herself. Fast forward a few years, struggling with a binge eating disorder while trying to lose over 65 lbs she had packed on was definitely not how she envisioned her travel adventures panning out. This is where her life started.



If Lucy could go back in time and give herself some advice, this is what it would be:

Trying to say yes to everything is likely to leave you trapped with no time or energy for yourself — and unable to give your best to any of your commitments. Start by selecting the things you genuinely want to say yes to — the things that build relationships with important people in your life, that align with your values, that bring you joy — and stop accepting responsibilities that don’t meet those criteria.



People tend to put off their own mental and physical health for their work or school or family, and they forget that they are just as equally important. In this article, you can find a few ways to easily incorporate more self-love into your routine and why it is important. Disclaimer: Set small self-love and self-care goals that you feel you can easily achieve in the beginning. Try not to go from very little self-care to trying to squeeze in 3 hours of bubble baths, massages and facials every day.



Sometimes you will start your day with a kale shake and finish it with a healthy salad. Other days, you will skip breakfast and hit the Mcdonalds drive-thru for lunch. Don’t worry, you are human and you are doing the best that you can! Similarly, some days you will drink 3-4L of water and other days, it is noon and you are ready to crack a beer. No judgement here. On a sunny Monday afternoon, if it is one of “those days” you can find Lucy on the patio at Wild Rose Brewery enjoying their delicious Wraspberry Ale.She would love for you to join her sometime!


Failing has always and will always be a big part of Lucy’s life. Failing is what helps a person learn, grow and “never do that again”! Losing over 65 lbs and now feeling full of energy and loving every inch of her body is a great accomplishment. However, what isn’t isn’t reflected with how Lucy carries herself, is the struggle, the ups and downs and the inner battle that took place during the years that it took her to lose this weight.

“I am thankful for my eating disorder” is something you don’t hear a lot of women say. However, Lucy is thankful because it has made her appreciate her life on a whole new level. Lucy is thankful because she is now able to help women all over the world overcome their struggles, the roller coaster ups and downs, and their inner battles. Losing 65 lbs was amazing, Lucy is happier, healthier and has finally found her balanced lifestyle filled with burgers, pizza, doughnuts, ice cream, spinach, rice cakes and brown rice. There is balance. That word CAN have a deeper meaning for you.

Fail. It is encouraged. But get right back up and keep moving forward. You are stronger than you know.

Stay strong. Be the fire.

Dunnebells xo